Connected by a past, and a future

Elisa & Jinsen’s wedding at The Repulse Bay

The wedding took place at The Verandah in Repulse Bay, a stunning architecture reminiscent of Hong Kong’s romantic colonial past. Since the couple was gathering their families and friends at the spacious garden to witness their personal historic moment, we decided on a botanical theme - hand painted flowers, pink lace on the paper art, together with sweet flowers and confectionery in variegated pastel colors, added a touch of warmth and tenderness to the lush green lawn and white textile. We also picked a classic Western typography for the table cards, invitations and other stationery items that went well with the traditional environment. Everything came together to harmonize with the monumental venue while weaving a new history for the couple.


新人将婚宴场地选址于富有传统欧陆式设计的浅水湾露台餐厅(The Verandah),可谓品味十足。这里的建筑风格充满特色,但同时带有丝丝浪漫感觉。花卉植物是这个婚宴的设计主题,婚宴中的每个部份都环环紧扣,包括用于婚宴精品上的手绘花卉及粉红色蕾丝、柔和色调的甜点,以及代表温暖、纯洁的绿草坪与白织品;而枱号卡、请柬及其他精品,均用上充满经典艺术风格的西方手绘字体!一众亲友就在这个被爱所包围的美丽花园,见证着一对新人谱出人生新一章!

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