Nature’s best gift

Vanessa & Ron’s wedding at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

For this couple who loves nature and is always full of energy, we created a stationery and gift set that truly reflected their sunny personalities. Honey bee and sunshine, two precious gifts from nature, were selected as the motifs, and the set thus carried a warm yellow hue. Many of the paper items including the table cards and menu were printed with the honeycombs. And to let the guests have a real taste of the couple's sweetness and vitality, they were given cute bottles of honey as the wedding favor, which was sealed with a matching label and presented in a paper gift bag from the set. The design not only perfectly echoed but also shone a ray of sunlight onto the wedding venue.


看到这些精心设计的婚宴精品与礼品,就知道这对新人是充满活力与朝气的。深知他们热爱大自然,因此我们特意挑选了来自大自然的瑰宝 —— 蜜蜂与阳光作为设计主体,而在枱号卡及菜单等精品之上,我们亦加入了蜂巢图案。婚宴精品以暖和的淡黄色系作主调,给予人温暖甜蜜的感觉。除此之外,新人们想得特别周到,悉心挑选小蜜糖作为回礼礼物,好让亲友们一尝他们的专属甜蜜感觉!即使用了小小的纸袋盛载着那密封了的小樽,也能溢出他们甜丝丝的爱意。这些细节不但与主题完美呼应,而且更以一道道甜蜜的暖光点缀着这个婚宴。

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