The universal language of love and design

Wendy & Jeffrey’s wedding at The Peninsula Hong Kong

At a glance, this is just another charming floral design. On a closer look, you will find this stationery suite surprisingly personalized, laden with the bride and the groom’s “secret language”, including a giraffe and koala bear motif, symbolizing the couple. On the inserts and money envelopes are also elements of Star Wars, the groom’s favorite movie series – did we just see fellow fans swooning over these limited-edition collectible items? The most intimate detail, however, is the main logo “wj”. These two letters are in fact the initials of the couple’s first names. The original logo was hand-drawn by the talented bride and we helped to modify and digitize her drawing to make it look picture perfect in print. What can we say, your love inspires us to create your dream wedding in your language.


在这繁花设计的背后,若仔细的看,你会发现每件婚宴精品都是悉心设计过的,因为它们都隐藏着大量新郎与新娘的专属密语,代表着他们的长颈鹿和树熊图案等。在礼封等精品上,我们亦选用了新郎最喜爱的电影 —— 星球大战作设计元素,而当日一众星战影迷,对这个限量珍藏更是爱不释手。说到最值得欣赏的设计,莫过于是那个由一对新人名字组成的「WJ」标志,它的背后隐藏着一个更深层意义,原来这个标志的原型是出自新娘的手笔,由她亲手一笔一笔绘画而成,然后由我们的设计师让这原图孕育成代表着新人的标志融合于喜帖上,让这喜帖更尽完美!就让一对新人,用他们的爱、他们的专属密语,去演绎这场梦想婚礼。

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